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Part 1: The Legacy Stations

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Allow us to blow our own trumpet (or strum our guitar…or stroke our piano…or beat our drum…ok that sounded dirtier than we expected)

The MYUZIQ Network (or TMN as we have lazily come to call it) has plenty of options for you, the discerning listener. The problem with choice, however, is that it can get a little overwhelming. We get that (seeing as we are also faced by difficult choices everyday, like whether or not to reuse the coffee grounds from last week’s percolated batch. For the record, the answer is always No to that particular question) so we thought we’d make it a little easier for you to get a feel of our stations in one handy list

We present: TMN’s list-of-stations-that-we-have-at-the-moment-and-will-change-when-we-add-or-remove-any, or TLOSTWHATAWCWWAORA (we REALLY think that’ll catch on!)

As the name would suggest this list will be constantly updated whenever we add a new station (or, sadly, if we remove one, which we won’t do, as long as you keep listening. You may consider this blackmail. We can’t help that). So without much further ado (and hopefully no adieus), here we go:

TLOSTWHATAWCWWAORA Part 1: The Legacy Stations

The Legacy stations are basically those stations that play the greatest hits of all time (basically the cream of the crop over the ages...in a totally unrelated note, is it OK to drink the cream that's been at the bottom of the lowest shelf of the fridge for a couple of months past expiry? Asking for a friend. Not really. Asking for me. It calls to me...)

60’s MYUZIQ: Featuring hits from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys…and plenty more artists who didn’t need to preface their name with a The..

70’s MYUZIQ: Biggest Hits from the 70’s. No Bell-bottoms were harmed in the making of this station

80’s MYUZIQ: Perms? Check. Shoulder Pads? Check. Oversized Vivid Pink Blazer? Check. Visit to the optician to check on why we ever thought this looked good? No. The best hits of the 80’s.

90’s MYUZIQ: Top hits from the decade that saw the birth of the internet, leading to a lot of time wasted on saying stuff like ‘World Wide Web’. Still…at least it spawned MYUZIQ, which I think we can all agree is the best thing about the ‘Information Superhighway

00’s MYUZIQ: For a decade nick-named ‘the Noughties’ it was a bit of a nothing decade really. Nothing much happened, except some ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC MUSIC, the best of which gets played right here!

Mantra Gold MYUZIQ: Ever-green songs from the ever-colorful land of Bollywood. Bollywoods greatest hits of all time, all of the time!

PopRock Gold MYUZIQ: Legendary Pop and Rock Hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. And when we say Legendary, we mean LEGENDARY! Hit play and find out for yourself!

Rock Gold MYUZIQ: Old Rockers never die…they just get played all day everyday on Rock Gold MYUZIQ. Or was that Old Rockers never die…they just get rolled over? Not sure to be honest…what we ARE sure about is that they were Rocking Then, STILL rocking now.

Urban Legends MYUZIQ: The best Hip-hop and R&B hits of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Also known as the golden age of R&B and Hip-hop. Partly because of all the gold chains and gold teeth, but mainly because of the awesome hits. But also the chains.





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