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Part 2: The Hot Stations

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We've already had a bit of a chat about our Legacy Stations (TLDR: Great music from across the sands of time). Now let's have a look at the next set of stations:

TMN’s list-of-stations-that-we-have-at-the-moment-and-will-change-when-we-add-or-remove-any (TLOSTWHATAWCWWAORA) Part 2: The Hot Stations

The Hot Stations are those that play the Hottest Hits (In terms of current popularity. Not temperature, thankfully, because that would result in a fair amount of law-suits). 

One MYUZIQ: All genres, ONLY the hits: Be it Rock, Urban, Poprock, Reggae or EDM, if its on the top end of the charts, One MYUZIQ will play it. One Station to play them all, as it were (Is it too late to quasi-reference Lord of the Rings? It is? Ah well..)

Urban MYUZIQ: Today's Biggest R&B and Hip Hop Tracks taken straight off the streets and into your ears (Disclaimer: we do not advocate for literally putting anything you may have picked up off a street into your ears)

Mantra Hot MYUZIQ: Featuring Today’s Hottest Hits from Bollywood and Beyond: Sizzling hot with added spice. Antacids sold separately.

EDM MYUZIQ: You want All EDM, All the Time? We GOT All EDM, All the Time! (In fairness this sounded a lot better in our heads…but we’re going with it anyway because...EDM = High Energy, Zero Chills).

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