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Part 3: The Hybrids

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So we've had a look at the other two types of MYUZIQ Stations (Legacy and Hot), so, logically, we need to look at the next grouping (using the word 'logically' in that sentence made us feel that the university degree we have gathering dust in the bottom of our drawer was worth it. Look Ma I made It!)

TMN’s list-of-stations-that-we-have-at-the-moment-and-will-change-when-we-add-or-remove-any (TLOSTWHATAWCWWAORA) Part 3: The Hybrid Stations

Hybrid, in this context, refers to the fact that these stations play music of a particular genre that has a mix of something old (as in a few really great all time hits, as opposed to mixing old stuff together, which in our experience just results in a bad smell), something new (top chart hits, NOT babies), something borrowed (because we're rapidly running out of music and need to redo all that once was), something blue (In most cases there will be songs about heartbreak in every genre. It's the universal law of music: if someone has trampled all over your feelings, you must share your misery with the world in the form of a relatively catchy tune that most people don't realize is about heartbreak).

In a nutshell, its a era spanning collection that has a little bit of everything. Think of it as a trifle. A music trifle.

Now I want trifle :(

Chill MYUZIQ: The best of Chill Lounge and a little Latin Lounge thrown in for culture. Don’t say we never spoil you!

Country Roads MYUZIQ: Dust off your Cowboy boots and Jeans and get ready for country hits from Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton and many more. Can I get a Yee-Haw?

Kids MYUZIQ: Looking for something to listen to on the school run without running the risk of expletives invading their all too sensitive ears? Well we’ve got you covered (so you don’t have to cover their ears…see what we did there?). Featuring the best songs from their favorite movies as well as some kid-centric pop-music, Road trips will never have to be games of audio chicken ever again!

Mantra MYUZIQ: A delicate audio mix between some of the biggest songs to come out of Bollywood and Today’s Chart toppers. Bollywood music at it’s Best!

PopRock MYUZIQ: What do you get when you mix today’s Pop and Rock hits with a sprinkling of some of the chart-toppers from back in the day? A mess in the kitchen. Just kidding. PopRock MYUZIQ. You get PopRock MYUZIQ.

Reggae MYUZIQ: As the saying goes: ‘Nobody can stop reggae’…and we don’t intend to be the first. Non-stop Reggae all day. One Love, One Station!

Rock MYUZIQ: We’re going to level with you here: we’ve heard a lot of Rock stations. They’re not doing it right. We are. Rock. Done. Right. That’s how we roll. Because Rock and Roll.

Soul MYUZIQ: Do you like Sweet Soul MYUZIQ? Well we’ve got a station just for you! From Motown Legends all the way to John Legend (we just wanted to use the whole Legend to Legend thing to be honest).

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