It's Finally App-ened!

App on the app stores...available now!

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Now THIS is what the News section was created for! We have launched our apps on both app stores!!! So now you can listen to MYUZIQ on a handy, nifty app (And it looks pretty too. Don't judge us...every mother thinks their kid looks awesome!)

So why app it? A fair few reasons, as it turns out: 

Firstly, it allows us to keep on saying that we have an app (which, let's face it, makes our little hearts swell with pride. Though in fairness the heart swelling for some of us may be a little hazardous to our health and slightly symptomatic of other underlying health concerns)

Secondly, YOU have the ability to favorite your stations so you can find them easily when you open the app. A kinda menu of what makes a handy way to see if you match with someone else on your first date, simply by comparing favorited stations and hence music tastes (Ok that's a bit of a stretch. We figured there was money in the dating app game. We reached for our shoehorn. We may have failed. Sorry! But it's still a totally cool feature!)

Thirdly, YOU get the chance to download and listen to podcasts, which are awesome (and you can listen to them at anytime once downloaded. Whether you have Internet or not. Think of it as a kind of MYUZIQ cheat code. Make the boss pay for wi-fi and you listen in whenever you like!)

Fourthly, YOU get the chance to WIN!! That's right: we're going to start giving away stuff (pretty much like I did a while back with my heart, except in this case it won't be sent back broken with a post-it note saying 'as if'). All you have to do is make sure your post notifications are switched on, and as soon as you see a notification pop-up, swipe and find out how to win, and what you could win! Easy! 

Something tells me there's a bit I forgot to mention...

Wait a bit...

It'll come to me...

Laundry list? No that wasn't it

Dental appointment? No...

Ah yes!

Got it: Please remember to SIGN-UP on the app so you can use all those features.

That's it.

Job done.

MYUZIQ: radio’s New Home

All of the MYUZIQ stations, at your fingertips

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