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Urban MYUZIQ: Today's Biggest R&B and Hip Hop Tracks

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Brand new Station added to the MYUZIQ Network! Urban MYUZIQ, where you'll get your fill of today's hippiest and hoppiest with added Rhythms and Blues (If you are dissatisfied with the quality of that intro, please feel free to suggest alternatives to the intro on any of our social media handles: The MYUZIQ Network on Facebook and @theMYUZIQ on Insta and twitter).

(See that bit right up there? That's what's known as a 'shameless plug')

Urban MYUZIQ: Today's Biggest R&B and Hip Hop Tracks taken straight off the streets and into your ears (Disclaimer: we do not advocate for literally putting anything you may have picked up off a street into your ears). 

Listen in now and let us know if there's anything you'd like us to change/add/remove and we'll go look for our calculator and see what we can do!

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