Welcome to Radio's New Home!

A little bit about who we are and how we came to be (Historically...not Biologically. That would be completely different Network)

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What’s MYUZIQ (Aside from a fairly interesting take on the spelling of Music)?

Well, we like to think of MYUZIQ as Radio’s New Home. It’s a single network where you get the chance to listen to regularly curated online stations of all genres and eras in one place, with more stations added all the time. Fairly simply put. The short answer, as it were.

The long answer reads a little more like a history piece, but if you’re up for a bit of a history lesson, here goes (If you’re not up for a history lesson, feel free to skip the next couple of paragraphs. I promise not to share the secret of life and the universe in it): We love music: all types, eras and moods. There’s a whole lot of music in the world and we felt the need to create a platform where it could be listened to in a way that was as simple as pressing play.

Initially we would create our own playlists and listen ad infinitum (ask your dad/mum), but eventually, we came to the conclusion that we are lazy creatures, and remembered that the real joy of Radio was that the whole playlist thing was taken care of by someone who kinda enjoyed doing this, and was pretty good at it (we have our own version of said individual. He’s called Stapla. He’s doesn’t get out much).

The problem with Terrestrial Radio (basically Radio that goes via transmitters and stuff), is that it's a little...well...rigid. Each station catered for a single type of listener, and didn't really allow much room for a mood swing (and we all know how often those come about...no? just us? ah well...), meaning when you felt the need to change it up or down a gear (or decade) you'd have to go looking for another station, which felt a little dirty.

So we had our Eureka moment and decided to marry the two. We'd create a platform that allowed for different tastes and moods, AND allowed you to easily switch between all of them, without the guilt (Ok maybe we're stretching the guilt metaphor. We'll stop now).

The end result is what you see before you: a network of live streaming stations specially curated for you to enjoy music of all types and eras, simply at the click of a button. No fuss, no gimmicks. Purely for the love of music. And we really hope that you love MYUZIQ too!

Whether you like Rock, Pop, Urban Reggae or even EDM and then some, we have a station for you! Listen live or download any of our podcasts and listen whenever you like.

Welcome to Radio’s New Home, The MYUZIQ Network!

MYUZIQ: radio’s New Home

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